Meet Spire Aviation.

Satellites are made here

In under 6 years, Spire has managed to build a full-fledged nanosatellite constellation able to collect global data in near real-time, an unrivaled achievement within the industry.

We Pursue Excellence

Our mission is to become the global leader in weather forecasting, bringing the best level of accuracy to everyone on the planet.

a brief history of spire

In 2012, our founders Peter, Joel, and Jeroen sat in a cafe in Strasbourg, France and scribbled down the genesis of Spire. They were International Space University alumni of different nationalities brought together by the vision of using nanosatellites to revolutionize the way we gather data about our planet. In doing so, empower others who want to use that data to improve the world.

Global Team

Spire has locations across the world including Singapore, Glasgow, Luxembourg, San Francisco, and Boulder. The Weather team is centralized in Luxembourg and Boulder. Spire now has more than 150 people, and we’re always looking for talented, passionate people to join us. Visit our corporate career page to learn more.